Here's Why This Trend Points To New Levels In Storytelling

Here's Why This Trend Points To New Levels In Storytelling
As usual, here's Lnk Agency's quick, snackable digi-culture trend brief for the week to continue to help you better navigate the New Era. Here's what to track now:
New Levels Of Storytelling
A definite trend to watch now is who is telling whose story.  Whether it's Gucci asking the models to tell the "story" in the newest campaign (due to shoots being nixed as a result of the pandemic) on the brand's behalf or DSW Shoes inviting TikTok users to share their shoe closets (at a whopping 1.7B posts in lighting speed after the launch at a super early count last week) in the name of driving JLo's latest venture with the company; it's all about getting the ecosystem involved in what you're doing.
This is interesting because what we are kinda starting to see is UserGen Content 3.0 with bit of a twist. Yeah, part of its based on the pandemic but because of the response, some of this new approach will surely stick around in interesting ways because perspective is and will continue to be shifted. This more "inside look" vibe is being ramped up. How this translates to actual sales increase over time, however, will be that which many of us will be watching.  However, given that TikTok is said to be actually strongly considering paying its users to create content (in the wake of the potential Facebook clone of TikTok's business), the individual seems to be gaining even greater influence in our pandemic/post-pandemic (soon?!) world. This will change/add/subtract a number of dynamics as we all watch the new level of messaging jump off.
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