Trend GIF Of The Week

Trend GIF Of The Week
While it may be a short week, work-wise, culture and innovation and still barreling ahead!

So here's Lnk Agency's quick, snackable bite for the week to continue to help you prep for the new, Post-pandemic Era:
Keep in mind that polarization/chastizing is accelerating in our culture and tech platforms are heightening, though not necessarily responsible for, this trend. Most recent examples can be seen in:
  • female recording artists taking swipes at each other only then to become victims of further scrutiny themselves - note: all race-related, within the same few days
  • citizen-police-policymaker (see each separate link) interactions face extreme scrutiny/public opinion and outcry - note: all race-related, within the same few days
  •  big tech and its level of control/ethics around business dealings is rising within a number of levels of government  - note: building over time but a number of announcements within the same few days
So what's happening here, even in just these few examples, seemingly unrelated?
This is all indicative of massive structural change. We're all in the midst of deciding how to move past what we see as out-dated values, norms and behavior, what the new ones will be, who fits where, what goes, what stays, what's appropriate. The process is at best, awkward and at worst, shameful but taking place nonetheless. 
This is about innovation and change. New ways of doing and being. We believe navigating this unfolding terrain with both up-to-the-minute levels of cultural intel/trends and info on how to best use emerging tech is so critical to making a new and better way for your business, for the world.
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