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Trend GIF Of The Week
Hope you are staying strong!
So here's Lnk Agency's quick, snackable bite for the week to continue to help you navigate  the New Era
Last week we said that were in the midst of accelerated massive structural change in our culture, but who knew just one week later that it would be at this level just 7 days later!!! 
No matter who you believe is behind the riots/looting, what part you think Anonymous is or is not playing, or how you well you think the government is or is not handling the situation,  a couple of elements are key to note:
1) A large part of the energy on-the-ground with all this is 18-24/34-year-olds (all races)
2) This is just as much about social injustice as it is economic injustice
3) Video is driving everything
According to sources from Variety to CNET,  video is being engaged up to 80% more than this time last year.
Moving image has never been more powerful, and it's being used in even more dramatic ways than could ever be imagined.  So think about watching, planning, and starting to use what's next in video. Think:
  • interactive video
  • annotated video
  • text messaging within video
  • video across multiple platforms simultaneously but varied 
  • social virtual reality  (i.e. insertion within or complete focus)
Use this to deepen your digital content strategy in your communication for sure.(5G, 4K will take this all to even greater levels. Prep now)
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