Trend GIF Of The Week - How This Surprising Media Move Could Make Waves

Trend GIF Of The Week - How This Surprising Media Move Could Make Waves
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As usual, here's Lnk Agency's quick, snackable digi-culture trend brief for the week to continue to help you better navigate the New Era. Here's what to track now:
Media Moves Underground
A definite trend to watch now is this next layer of media disruption that's taking place.  On top of the pushback and upset that seems to be happening weekly now within the media, there's also a new vibe to follow about the media is communicating within itself and to others of like minds but on the DL-of-sorts.
Call it a rogue approach with the latest internal upsets now being created by organizations large enough to employ Slack finding that everything from office over-throws to protests are being formed. This is happening much to the dismay of the older school editors often times shunning the Slack platform for more "traditional" methods of communication.  Left in the dark, all kinds of coups and challenges are being strategized that are shifting the balance of power inside certain legacy outlets.
This scenario is coupled with the fact some media members who feel they have more to say than said employer might like for them to say are now actually starting their own newsletters as voice extension during off-hours or during unemployment and the topics and conclusions are often super provocative!
What's all this mean? 
Well, new hubs, mindsets, and distribution mean that trends and changes will happen on this an underground level that will impact all but because they are bubbling up from often-times unseen sources, they will come as complete surprises for those who are not deeply connected.  There will also be new types of audiences that spring up as well based on these new shifts.  
Things are about to become even more interesting, Folks!  It's all about the underground in an arena  - the 4th Estate - that typically shuns such a space. New rules are being created.
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