What New Power Group Is Rising?

What New Power Group Is Rising?
The New Power Crew
As business continues to completely re-shape itself, there's an interesting new trend on the horizon.  Sadly while many have to undefined://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/black-women-business-owners-fight-against-wave-closures-n1240018&source=gmail&ust=1602024248740000&usg=AFQjCNGzS5iUN34dThfI7xNg4u6AAwQ9Lg">close doors,  new ones seem to be about to kicked in! While we already knew the gig economy was building, this is yet another area that is being accelerated due to conditions surrounding the pandemic. "Contract-work" is on the rise and the self-employed a growing group. 
Up 22%, this momentum is a combo of both a desire for flexibility coupled with job market on which the pause button has been pushed.
It's important to track because:
it indicates that we have new shifts in tastemakers, their needs, new-found power mindset that is building due to independence, and a bunch more!
This means:
that people, organizations, and companies previously communicating to those in a one-stop-shop kinda way (i.e. Mon-Fri work weeks, traditional vacation times, reference to a "boss, etc, etc etc) will need to be shifted because we have now not only more fragmentation of definition of a workday or week but also who controls and defines it.  Indeed, power trades like "Adweek" are already starting to do stories on how early mover up and coming brands are starting to communicating directly to this group, much of whom is the younger demo in our country. Those who take this into account and do it in a cool way and evolve with it as this gig sector does will have things on lock! The danger is in moves that will won't be truly genuine or crafted from the seat of a traditional worker bee, so stay alert and creative.

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