Why Data Just Isn't Enough

Why Data Just Isn't Enough
Connecting The Dots
We write this as protestors are about to start to march again due to undefined://edition.cnn.com/2020/08/24/us/kenosha-police-shooting-jacob-blake/index.html&source=gmail&ust=1598477758638000&usg=AFQjCNFonagQqNcCwqYLibS1s1qaY8omYA">yet another shooting. 
And so yet more conversations around this incident will revolve around the race, class, police budgets and more. There will be the pointing of the statistics and the tallying of the statistics in the data-rich Information Era.  So many rely so heavily on data, and while numbers are important, it's even more important to remember that each data point is typically tied to a life, thought, behavior, hope, and dream.  
Because looking and solely relying on data tells you only one part of any story
It's important because:
you want a 360 view so that you can truly connect. That means a better understanding of current and future impact based on an understanding from more boots-on-the-ground approaches and connecting beyond through just graphs on a screen or Excel spreadsheets. Connecting with groups that will challenge you and open your eyes and reading things outside of your normal realm - user-generated if you can, not pro media - is a great place to start. This trend of broadening one's perspective is important because people, since they are more stationary now, seem to have a bit more time to ask more questions these days. Dots are being connected in the minds of people from a very real POV.  For example, this opinion piece is hot because it looks not only at how the same companies that are donating funds to, say, The Black Lives Matters movement, are funded by companies that actually drive the current agenda thereby creating hypocrisy. If you look at only data - i.e. number of dollars given - you'll get caught out there.
This means:
that more people, organizations, and companies are going to be looked at in a more holistic, surround-sound way; and we haven't really lived that way before now. With so much intertwined and machine-driven, this is going to be a tricky one for some who are not already prepping in this manner.  So be ready and make sure you are doubling-down with deeper understanding of what your customers, clients, connects - aka data points - really value as you communicate with them. 
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