Why This Particular Trend Is So Controversial

Why This Particular Trend Is So Controversial
Image  - The Ultimate Get
From the class-action suit against Instagram allegedly using facial recognition in a stealth manner to ICE partnering with Clearview to TikTok's seemingly never-ending image-harvesting woes, the value of your face/identity/image and that of others is really becoming a hotter and hotter ticket. There will be more and more energy spent over tugs-of-war around this and what is considered philosophically and morally appropriate as we quickly move into this new era. 
Because it's kinda the final frontier in being a human. You can keep most of your data (i.e. social security number, phone number, etc) on the low if you want, but your face? It's kinda not optional. It's the ultimate data point, so to speak.
It's important because:
at the same time - and watch this - it's also colliding with image in a larger sense of the word. Who would think that Cardi B and Meg's "WAP" would create cultural conversations around women of color at the exact same time that the first VP of color - and female - gets the green light?  Whether you agree with the lyrics of the former or are on the same side of the aisle as the latter or not; there seem to be new, in-your-face challenges to what was considered the proper "place" of such individuals. They are challenging ideas around what those who look like in this group should and shouldn't say, act, or to what they are or are not entitled.
This means:
identity and ownership, control, rights of it will be super talking points in various ways throughout the rest of the year and beyond. Watch for more under-represented groups and new tech to kinda start to come out of the shadows more and more and really shake things up. Make sure you're very comfy with sides you pick and values about this space you/the brand with whom you work, select regarding image because they will be held to scrutiny.
Just who owns image, physically and/or philosophically? This question has always been asked throughout time. It just seems like the stakes are now much, much higher today.
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