An Unexpected Twist?

Remember a few months ago when we told you to be on the lookout for unexpected/innovative partnerships and unusual combos?  Well, here's a bit of proof:  Macy's is not only offering an old-school-meets-new-school vibe by offering digital layaway but also, ICYMI the retailer is teaming up with Doordash for the purchase that you can't do without but might still not comfy feeling going into the store nor want to wait for traditional shipping.  We'll be tracking this new duo and see how it gains traction.
As business continues to completely re-shape itself, Creative.  Well, the current‑dollar GDP decreased 34.3 percent, or $2.15 trillion, in the second quarter to a level of $19.41 trillion so it means that businesses will have to become even more creative and re-shape. 
It's important to track because:
There's a new social order being created and a new business order at the same time. Watch this because it will ramp up and expand as more talk and implementation of 5G actually starts to unfold because it will enable us all to be able to do more faster and access a lot of emerging tech that will show up thanks to 5G.
This means:
You will have different types of competitors and new sub-cultures formed you will need to understand.  It will call for new ways to communicate.

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