How To Decipher The New Tribal Communications Landscape

We've been tracking some of the trends in digital banter we've noticed, and we wanna make sure we share this with you about shifting social order. 
Trying to dictate what is "right" is growing. That's not really a secret. It's building rapidly, but many of you are probably not getting the full, 360-view.  Here's just a quick snapshot:
So Cardi B asks on Twitter is she should drop a mere $88k on a purse. People start questioning her even contemplating that type of spending move during a pandemic, she then says she'll match any charity donation. News picks this up.  But tons of Millennials of color simultaneously post that she should spend her money however she should. We mean TONS (we dug to really see).  Kinda similarly, A-Rod asks what his IG followers are up to from the holidays from inside a more than cozy private jet with JLo lounging across the aisle on top of a good ol' Hermes blanket as they whisk away to connect with relatives while many make the sacrifice to remain alone in the name of wellness. He gets torn a digital new one (yes, we dug here too).  In a twist, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls for a boycott of Goya products given the Trump association with them. Sales climb so high afterward that Goya CEO names her "employee of the month" (we kid you not!). 
So what's going on here?
We all kinda know this, but let's take the time to reinforce the fact that everyone does not see right and wrong in the same way. But "proper conduct" is becoming a massive part of the cultural narrative. This is actually deepening now as people have been burrowing into their own tribes even more during the pandemic. To navigate this, key points to understand are that: tribal opinions within the tribe can differ significantly (see Cardi B example above) or pretty much all feel the same opinion (see responses to A-Rod noted above) or even completely defy those of which we think might be "tribal leaders" (see AOC above). 
It's important to track because:
This notion of fragmentation in thought, values, approach, behavior is even greater than noted years ago and particularly tricky around values/morals though it's top of mind for nearly all.
This means:
It's also going to take even more detailed data analysis and testing of messaging, tailor-made approaches, and real, of-the-second cultural intel to make sure you hit the mark. Watch!
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