Ready For The New Humanity?

(Wait, before we get started,  remember a few months ago when we told you to be on the lookout for unexpected/innovative partnerships and unusual combos?  Well, here's a bit more proof:  ICMYI Tik Tok is now serving up food (!?!) thanks to its new Postmates partner, and Ulta is now in deep with Target. How deep? Well, ummm, now it's a store within a store. Again, all these moves are going to make for very interesting ways to engage with consumers, create new types of virtual events, and much more for those who are creative in their thinking. Just sayin'). Now...
So look for all things home to expand even further. We've been tracking  about holiday giving trends. Even though all stores have been at volume 10 about Black Friday since it seems like before Halloween, data seems to indicate that many people are looking toward handcrafted items from sites like Etsy, learning how to make their own items to give, and/or hiring an expert to make an item. 
It seems that a more personal touch is sought given the distance created during "lock-downs" in addition to greater awareness about the value of a human connection which is thought to now be better expressed by a more human touch.  Well-captured by cnbc here.
It's important to track because:
This idea of personalization, whether brands and media companies seeking to do so through things like AI, or a regular Joe/Jane seems to be growing in volume in our culture.
This means:
We believe a doubling-down about anything regarding being more humane, personal, care, thought will become a larger theme as 2021 takes off and expand in unusual ways. Watch for new criteria to spring up around what does and doesn't make the "humane" grade. Watch for scrambling from those in their strategy who seem to miss this, get a wrist-slap from the digital town square and have to quickly pivot. In a capitalistic society, the humane vibe coming to the front is a new take. Some will flow naturally with it. Many won't. Start to track this now.