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About Lnk
We help our partners and clients raise the volume on their message in the new virtual world with innovative connection to IRL


Narratives have a power in and of themselves because they deeply fashion how people think. In a pandemic/post-pandemic era filled with protest, uncertainty, and change, Lnk can be your partner to help you refine, engage, pivot, and reinforce. We, quite simply, do so by developing innovative narratives, content, and strategies that better resonate specifically with today's youth culture.

It's that straight-forward.

How do we do it? Unlike our competitors, we provide you with the strength that comes from understanding trends in attitudes and emerging digital consumption in based on our own proprietary research techniques so that you can better connect across multi-platforms and multi-demographics.

Lnk. is that game-changing option for today's innovator in either the private or public sector. Customized, for your needs.

  • As trend analysts:

    • we have identified trends in popular culture via pieces in such outlets as allhiphop.com, Forbes and cnbc.com, among many others. Our partnerships in academic research and publishing are new and provocative. We provide exclusive intelligence to leading management consulting firms and release public reports.

  • As Producers:

    • we have developed a number of forums and live events including from multinational corporations such as WarnerMedia to notables such as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. We've even driven a previous client's impact by 87% in a particular division through creative ideas and new live audience identification. We offer both traditional and emerging tech production expertise.

  • As Concept Marketing Strategists

    • we have created millions of impressions, launched record breaking implementation, and seamlessly intertwined with traditional strategy to influence, incite action and capture better data on users. Measurable with effective return on ROI.
Lnk. is headed by Chief Thinker, Lauren deLisa Coleman.

An entrepreneur with 14 years of experience, Coleman is the founder emeritus of Punch Media Group an edgy digital content development and strategy consulting company with former offices in both the U.S. and Europe that specialized in strategy across mobile phone/emerging tech platforms. The PMG corporate mission was achieved in helping businesses cultivate profitable ideas and strategy utilizing mobile/emerging technology and integrating into their existing business. Under her relentless guidance and her ability to sense cultural cues early on, the company created a track record of successful account management, data analysis, relationship management and metrics achievement via mobile phone application development, QR tags, digital commerce and more. Coleman succeeded in creating a leading company specializing in digital branding and worked with notables from Microsoft to Snoop Dogg. Prior to starting Punch Media Group, she was employed at Viacom/MTV Networks.

She is now the driving force behind Lnk Agency. She is also an accomplished author, professional speaker and media personality.She consistently contributes thought-leadership on the intersection of emerging technology and mass media/entertainmentto such media outlets as NASDAQ markets site, Forbes, cnbc.com, Business Insider, and several others. Lauren is also a guest commentator on MSNBC, among other media outlets. Lauren is also a guest commentator on MSNBC, among other media outlets.

For more information about Ms. Coleman, please visit her website at: www.ultralauren.com.

Collectively our team has over 20 years of experience working with such organizations and projects affiliated with notables including:

Co-Producers of Snoop Dogg’s inaugural virtual concert
  • ornament
    Universal Music Group
  • ornament
    Sony Pictures
  • ornament
    20th Century Fox
  • ornament
  • ornament
    The Roots
  • Wu Tang Clan
    Wu Tang Clan
  • ornament
    Recording artist/Entrepreneur Jay-Z
  • ornament
    Music legend/activist, Chuck D
  • ornament
    Leading Hollywood Trade Media
  • ornament
    Film producer/writer Judd Apatow
  • ornament
    Non-Profit, Diabetes Awareness
  • ornament
    Non-Profit, Conflict Minerals For Tech Usage
  • ornament
    Non-Profit, Youth
  • ornament
    Los Angeles Food Coalition
  • ornament
    Supply Chain Management
  • ornament
    Multi-City Digital Conferences
  • ornament
    U.N High Commissioner On Refugees
  • ornament
  • ornament
    IT Trade Association
  • ornament
    Consumer Packaged Goods
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    Video App & Cryptocurrency Platform
  • logo Advertising week
    Global Conference and Media Outlet
  • logo Stasis Euro Stablecoin
    Euro Stablecoin
  • logo booz-allen-hamilton
    Booz | Allen | Hamilton
  • logo Western Digital
    Data technology products
  • logo SRAX
    Blockchain branded currency app
  • logo P&G
    Multinational CPG company
  • logo Hilton
    Hilton Hotel Brands
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    Global Creative Communications Agency
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