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Technology Intelligence
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Lnk acts as a technology "scout", "cool-hunter" and analyst to link clients to the hottest start-ups in new technology and real-time news information, development, and releases of devices, applications, and applicable advancements in the tech arena. Via our deep relationships with some of the most innovative and brilliant engineers, developers, and start-ups, and news information sources from around the world, we are able to source new players in the technology space, curate, edit, and present them to clients seeking competitive tech edge but lacking the resources and team to do so.

Health Bracelet Blueprint

We provide monthly brief reports on a subscription basis to our clients, as well as develop on site presentations of some of the hottest new finds so that our clients can consider them for everything from strategic alliances to product development accelerators to ground-floor investment opportunities.


The goal is to help our exclusive clientele develop deeper public engagement and real results by leveraging "garage" level and established ingenuity.


Current Research Areas:

  • Wellness Technologies
    - heart rate monitoring
    - blood pressure
    - hydration, blood sugar levels
    - anti-bacterial applications
    - skin-like/tattoo monitoring

  • General Connectivity Technologies
    - Internet Of Things (IoT)
    - holograms
    - mobile beacons
    - Virtual Reality

  • Feedback technologies for product adjustments
    - fit
    - ergonomic change
    - thermal regulation

Our differentiator is that our marketing and researching experts on public response, via our proprietary predictive analytics and surveys, can also provide an invaluable strategic support and the next level of value for brands that focus on increasing scale. We provide you with the strength that comes from understanding trends in attitudes and emerging digital consumption in order to make better informed business decisions.

Our services also include valuable weekly briefs that include exclusively curated industry developments, insights and our analysis for each of our clients.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule an in-person meeting or Skype/Google Hangout video call to learn more.