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  • Ideation

    Emerging tech Consulting/Ideation

  • Cultural Intelligence

    Cultural Intelligence

  • Ideation

    Pop Culture/HipHop Communication Strategy Development

  • Entertainment Industry Strategy & Introductions

    Entertainment Industry Strategy & Partnerships

  • Live &; Taped Event Production

    Live & Taped Event Production, Multi-Screen Distribution Opportunities

  • Internal Communication Strategy Analysis

    Internal Communication Strategy Analysis & Refinement

  • Mobile Application Development

    Digital Content Development

  • Mobile Database Construction

    Media Consulting & Copywriting Services

Collectively our team has over 20 years of experience working with such organizations and projects affiliated with notables including:

Co-Producers of Snoop Dogg’s inaugural virtual concert
  • ornament
    Universal Music Group
  • ornament
    Sony Pictures
  • ornament
    20th Century Fox
  • ornament
  • ornament
    The Roots
  • Wu Tang Clan
    Wu Tang Clan
  • ornament
    Recording artist/Entrepreneur Jay-Z
  • ornament
    Music legend/activist, Chuck D
  • ornament
    Leading Hollywood Trade Media
  • ornament
    Film producer/writer Judd Apatow
  • ornament
    Non-Profit, Diabetes Awareness
  • ornament
    Non-Profit, Conflict Minerals For Tech Usage
  • ornament
    Non-Profit, Youth
  • ornament
    Los Angeles Food Coalition
  • ornament
    Supply Chain Management
  • ornament
    Multi-City Digital Conferences
  • ornament
    U.N High Commissioner On Refugees
  • ornament
  • ornament
    IT Trade Association
  • ornament
    Consumer Packaged Goods
  • logo Zen - General Presence Inc.
    Video App & Cryptocurrency Platform
  • logo Advertising week
    Global Conference and Media Outlet
  • logo Stasis Euro Stablecoin
    Euro Stablecoin
  • logo booz-allen-hamilton
    Booz | Allen | Hamilton
  • logo Western Digital
    Data technology products
  • logo SRAX
    Blockchain branded currency app
  • logo P&G
    Multinational CPG company
  • logo Hilton
    Hilton Hotel Brands
  • logo Hilton
    Global Creative Communications Agency
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