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Cultural Intelligence
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Flux is the new norm. Without general understanding and context of the rise of a new mindset in our culture, work simply bears no fruit. What worked before, is now old news.

But armed with our expertise, you can seize even greater success. This is where innovation begins.

Culture may matter, but Cultural Intelligence is the new oil.

Based in large part on the spirit of Lnk principal's Amazon "Best: New Media Studies" book "Rise of the SmartPower Class" and the companion update "America's Most Wanted: the Millennial" this is the next level of agency power with an ear-to-the-ground approach.

Part of the secret to our strategy is helping our clients map out strategy within concentric circles. How will the work be received by the target youth culture/hip hop demographic authentically, then how will that be viewed with the larger current value trends in America today, and finally, how will it be received within larger, potential global value trends? We go beyond just "reach your youth culture consumer where he or she lives" to a deeper level of authenticity and long-arm reach that resonates.

Not ready yet for full strategy execution but could use support in research and preparation?

Hire us for customized trend research and reports, communication strategy, business development and internal speaking events/workshops, consulting around insights and expertise.

Cultural Intel Examples


Here’s What Everyone In Mass Media & Entertainment Is Getting Wrong About AI

Brief on important emerging trends that most senior executives are missing and how to take advantage of them

Excerpt: Disruptive Trends To Watch

A few minutes from LnK CEO's recent featured presentation at this year's Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit. She included her top 3 picks for disruptive trends for which marketers and brands should watch, including "Members-Only" (a the new level of "inside speak"). She was voted one of the highest rated speakers for the day's event due to the content and presentation format.

Future Media Report

Findings from our unprecedented two-day report at Sundance Film Festival. Top data, forecast, analysis on the future of storytelling, culture with AI, 5G, Digital Currency, and more

UN Report

Commissioned by United Nations High Commissioner On Refugees to research and create findings on how popular culture trends and conversations begin and become entrenched. Goal of document is to be used to make the refugee conversation more contemporary and relevant so that the situation is alleviated.

Report for the American Marketing Association

American Marketing Association - Report/White Paper

Commissioned to research and write entire report with white paper companion for the American Marketing Association, Washington DC chapter to support and educate its members.


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GLG Insight Consulting Expert

Providing Millennial expertise for one of the largest consulting firms in the world, in nearly real-time.

Trend Insight via Thought-Leadership

We offer consistent trend and thought-leadership as contributors to:



Our CEO recently partnered with the much-loved Neuehouse members-only club and co-working space to produce an event entitled "Emerging Tech & Entertainment." Lauren brought together thought-leaders from UTA, IBM, Rolling Stone, and more to help the audience better understand how to leverage key emerging tech elements to create more revenue streams and reach more consumers in the entertainment industry.
View the event recap in a unique magazine format created on the new platform, MobiMag.


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