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Future Media

In partnership with Samsung, we created a a must-attend event on Future Media: the intersection of emerging tech (Web3, the metaverse, 5G, NFTs, AI) and mass media/entertainment. One of the most powerful areas of our culture is Future Media since through it all information, values, and pop culture are/will be shaped and formed. Featuring executives from such companies at United Talent Agency, 300 Entertainment/Warner Music Group and ConsenSys, this event was a provocative evening of thought-leadership and interactive power.

Tribeca (Film) Festival

In collaboration with Highgate's NoMo SoHo hotel in SoHo, NYC, Lnk Agency created a stunning event during Tribeca (Film) Festival. In the hotel's edgy bar/lounge called Nina's, Lnk brought together influential filmmakers, digital creatives, NFT pioneers, and innovation trailblazers to mix and mingle at "Fast Forward" to celebrate Future Media/Future Storytelling

The Intersection of Media, Technology, And Data Discussion At SAP Next-Gen

Held at SAP offices in New York's new Hudson Yards, we brought together tastemakers from various parts of the eco-system for an event that was one-of-a-kind. Left to right: Ramesh Babu, Kevin Lee, Peter Greene, Justin Hendrix, Kamaron Leach and moderator. See more via this Forbes article

Vapor Media Presents The NextTech Lodge At Sundance Film Festival

Scenes from the unprecedented Next Tech Lodge at Sundance Film Festival entirely developed and produced by us. Speakers included execs from Paramount, IBM, UTA and many more. Private chef for meals and apres ski goodies complete with bourbon from Kings County Distillery.

Vapor Media Presents The Future Of Music

Scenes from the Bulleit-Bourbon sponsored event held in Hollywood, CA at The Highlight Room of Dream Hotel. Interactive stations of fine-art photos of top recording artists, the unveiling of Bulleit's 3D bar, a VR station, an exec from Microsoft, former manager of Grammy-winning band Stone Temple Pilots, mega-producer Clinton Sparks and more. This was a night that showed all what awaits the music industry.

Mid-Term Elections: Tech Rewind And Fast-Forward, Deciphering Change

We brought together key players from both sides of the aisle at Microsoft offices in Washington, DC to talk about the future of blockchain voting and more.

Beats, Ballots & Bytes

Curating is our specialty. At this event we created an event that not only brought together key influencers in the political world to discuss diversity, tech, and more but also had a wonderful closing remarks addition by a female congress member.

Phantom Salon Series: Technorati, Politicos, Culturists

Invitation-only. Our mobile, insider event that brings together the technorati, politicos, and media power players to mix, mingle, and talk trends and network while hot DJs set the mood at this creative lab.

Congressional Briefing: New Models For Tech Start-Up Funding & U.S. Economic Impact

What do you get when you bring together a Microsoft exec, top academic, a Super Bowl-winner-turned tech investors and several other powerati? One of the strongest-ever congressional briefings on diversity and tech. Brought to you by Lnk!

The Future of Social Good, Brands, Millennials & Emerging Tech

Before social good was a buzz word, we were creating events to examine the topic as it intersects with pop culture and tech. On hand were an executive from Kind Bars, a key editor from Adweek, a representative from Bono's One organization, the UNHCR, an edgy, VR production company, and others. A real treat that provided deep future insights.

"Straight Outta Compton" -EXCLUSIVE Q&A With Producer For DC Powerati

A cool fireside chat event with one of the executive producers of the new legendary "Straight Outta Compton" film. We thought to nab him while he was in Washington, DC and have him share behind-the-scenes film info but more importantly, how the "Straight Outta..." campaign connected with consumers across the country and the world. While DC-insiders took a page from his insights to ponder how to adapt it to better to connect with citizens, Whistle Pig helped round out the evening with a luxurious tasting.

The Power Of Voice And Race: Tribeca Film Festival Event for John Legend Exec-Producer VR Film

We mixed John Legend exec-produced VR short about tennis legend Arthur Ashe, his talent and diversity work, with the Playboy Club, Samsung and Western Digital to create one of the hotter evening events during the Tribeca Film Festival. Cool setting, first-time access for many to VR, a fireside chat with the film director, networking and fun. Done! Another digi-culture victory for us.

Learning to Read the Digi-Cultural Landscape to Drive Numbers

Examining the intersection of pop culture and politics and the role cultural intelligence plays.


Our CEO recently partnered with the much-loved Neuehouse members-only club and co-working space to produce an event entitled "Emerging Tech & Entertainment." Lauren brought together thought-leaders from UTA, IBM, Rolling Stone, and more to help the audience better understand how to leverage key emerging tech elements to create more revenue streams and reach more consumers in the entertainment industry.
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  • When I saw a recent video about people calling out certain celebrities who no one has ever spoken badly about, I thought of your Pop of Digi-Culture Trend Brief. That video was so on-point. So glad you sent it to me.
    Tammy Reese, Founder, Visionary Minds
  • Lnk's event at Sundance was the best on which I had been a panelist.
    David Herrin, Head of Research, United Talent Agency
  • I'm always a better thinker after interacting with Lauren and her agency.
    Rich Michos, Global CMO, IBM
  • Attending the lab at Sundance was refreshing because so many times large events lose focus on how things overlap and coalesce between tech, film, art, and business. There are more themes and opportunities that lend themselves to understanding our future than we easily pick up on and this full day workshop helped create the space for it to happen.
    Clark Cahoon, Life Science Industry Director at Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development