Trend Alert: Tech Parks

Trend Alert: Tech Parks

Recently I had the opportunity to connect with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP).  Fascinating! If you want to know about the latest in the innovation and tech development scene in the region, this is a major stop.  Actually, there seems to be a growing trend of science, tech, and software parks popping up all over Hong Kong and Mainland China!

HKSTP's main goal is to transform Hong Kong into a global powerhouse for next level innovation in tech.  A whopping 600 technology companies and 13,000 technology talents are based at HKSTP, and there is a particular focus on supporting the younger generation. 

Naturally, interested parties must apply.  But if accepted, one finds a deep sense of community all across this hub.  If you find yourself in Hong Kong, ask for a tour, which is mind-blowing.  But stay tuned right here to "China Beat" as we will post hot news and info coming out of this Park (as we will from other parks in Mainland China).

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