FeedMe Guru Leverages Data For Dining

FeedMe Guru Leverages Data For Dining

One To Watch:  FeedMe Guru is a growing digital platform for discovering unique dining experiences in Hong Kong. Started by partners Kelvin Lam and Dominic Law, FeedMe Guru is has partnered with over 150 restaurants to work directly with chefs of top restaurants to curate tasting menus, which are then featured on the site for users to book in a few simple steps. FeedMe Guru features seasonal tasting menus which usually run for two to three months, as well as special tasting menus which usually lasts for one month.

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One of the major value props of this start-up?

FeedMe Guru has a complete dining profile of all of its users. Unlike other dining platforms, FeedMe Guru says that it has closed the loop by tracking its users from the minute they enter into the site documenting how long they remain on each page, what was viewed, what they booked, when they booked, what they eat and how much they spent (restaurants upload the customer’s receipt onto our systems at the end of the meal). "Because of this we can push very targeted options to our users, which is especially important because we focus on the mid-high end segment," explains Lam.  FeedMe Guru has about 50,000 users and counting.....

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