My Take On The AI Car Level Up


AI Pop 4 - Cars & Dre


I'm kinda intrigued about this intersection with AI and cars.  I started looking at this during the CES conference about 3 years ago, and thought this that I recently read from a recent piece from IPG Media Lab was interesting: 

As 'computers on wheels,' connected cars generate a lot of data about our daily trips and mobility habits. Coupled with individual biometrics data sensors that could be built into the seats, as Mercedes’s Avatar-inspired concept vehicle intends to do, these contextual data could be utilized to create AI-powered interfaces and anticipate our needs during our rides. So instead of asking Siri to play your road trip playlist, the future vehicle UI may just attentively suggest playing that playlist for you once you put in your road trip routes. In a sense, the vehicle interface would become part of the in-car ambiance and only pops up when it asks for permission.

Where I think this becomes even more interesting will be the intersection of AI and self-driving cars.  It'll be all about predicting a route you want based on previous patterns and the time of day. But I'll take playlists for now. Pros: sets a cool tone automatically. Cons: sometimes it's nice to actually think. See how this all ties in with...Dr. Dre

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