Tips On How To Brand In New Ways

Tips On How To Brand In New Ways

Was so honored to be asked by NASDAQ Foundation to speak about this for their entrepreneurs.  I gave 3 main pillars, two additional flanks, and a bonus!  Watch for the full scoop but main three are:

1) "We The Best" - while conventional advice is to ask a million people about your concept, hip hop always starts out the mindset of "everything I drop is fire."  The Universe gave YOU the idea, not a million others. Be wary of ruining your vision by shaping it to others and then failing like most do.

2) Create a world.  Death Row Records. Apple.  They created product suites and worlds within worlds and a culture that is scintillating.  The vision should be about building an impenetrable world from whatever the initial offering is to absolutely fully define a brand and create a legend.

3) Create a tangible OKR for your team and yourself.  Just a gold, diamond, and platinum record plaque. Too much is ethereal today and abstract. OKR. KPI. Abc... Create a physical item that is cool and coveted to ensure goals are met. 

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